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Humble Workshop in Kyiv (Ukraine)

Profitable Business In Ukraine Looking For An Investor

JUST IMAGINE: You are resting while your business generates money. We will do the work, and you will make a profit.

Lasting business looking for an investor. We both will succeed out of it!


What do we want?

We are looking for an investor who will help us to turn a small body workshop into a gigantic car body center.

We earn a decent profit with old equipment. But what, if with your help we would buy 5, 7, 10 spray booths and a couple of slipways. THE PROFIT WILL BE STUNNING!

Ремонт бамперов Киев

Come and visit us!

I have restored thousands of cars and established the business. My experience and your finances will create a much GREATER business! Come and visit our workshop any day. Let's discuss the details in person! If you have any questions write me a letter below!
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I will restore your car even if it is looking like a tin can.
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If I would paint your car, not only girls will hunt you but grandmas as well.
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Write Us a Letter

    Ремонт бамперов в Киеве


    Oh yeah! We have a lot of clients even during a lockdown! When other businesses are being closed — we have queues! You can come to our workshop and see everything with your own eyes!

    Visit our workshop and see everything yourself. Spend at least two hours with our manager, and you will trust us!

    We have a workshop on the outskirts of the city of Kyiv. Our team consists of 15 members. We ask potential investor to buy us a warehouse/hangar and equipment in the city center. You will be able to monitor your business on cameras 24/7. We will handle the installation of equipment, marketing, recruiting, and legal issues ourselves. The brand already exists, as well as 2 websites that rank the first positions in Google! We know how to operate a business. Don`t worry at all!

    The main task is to buy a warehouse/hangar (although we can find it for rent on favorable terms). Next — we want to buy spray booths/slipways/lifts. Then we will deal with the legal issues and recruitment.

    After the successful launch of the first workshop, it is also possible to launch a network of auto services throughout the city with an emphasis on body repair.

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