Working as a welder on the Left Bank

A modest auto repair shop on the Left Bank of Kyiv

Employment as a welder Kyiv, Desnyansky district

Vacancy Welder Left Bank

Working as a welder on the Left Bank is a great opportunity to find work in your area.

Our auto repair shop on the Left Bank is looking for a welder. Work experience is desirable. Salary depends on own output. Karma will be a plus for hardworking people, as well as people without bad habits. Regular customers.

We offer work as a welder in Kyiv, first of all, to purposeful, conscientious, and honest people.

We also offer a vacancy as a welder to people without addiction to substances and deception; if you have any of this, we ask you to either leave it or not to bother us.

Money is paid daily.

Candidates with experience in welding will be an advantage. You will be required to weld mufflers, sills, car underbody, arches, etc. In this job you will gain a lot of experience. And if you already have experience, you will get big money.

If you want to find a job as a welder and meet all of the above qualities, call us right now.

We are located on the Left Bank of Kyiv, in the Desnyansky district, between the Troeshina clothing market and the Lesnoye cemetery.

+38 (067) 944-25-10
+38 (067) 862-82-36

Работа сварщиком на Троещине


Employment as a welder in our workshop is a good start for career growth. By finding a job with us as a welder on the Left Bank, and after working for a long time, you will even have the opportunity to become a workshop foreman. Since our workshop is actively growing and we constantly need new employees, you have every chance in the future.

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Work as a welder Troeshchina 2

Working as a welder close to home

Since we are located in a residential area of ​​the Left Bank of Kyiv, namely in Troeshchyna, then most likely we are located not far from your home? And if you are from another city, then we can find you a place to sleep and relax. Unfortunately, the conditions are not the best yet! But we strive to improve conditions. Please ask by phone for all details regarding living conditions.

We have a great team

Working as a welder on the Left Bank, namely with us, will make you happy. Because when you get a job with us, you will meet funny guys who can always make you laugh. We hope that you will not regret hiring a welder in our company.

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Job vacancy as a welder in Troyeshchyna

"Do you want to get a job as a welder? - Join our friendly team right now! To do this, leave your phone number below in the contact form. I will call you back soon"

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52 years old, workshop manager

    Пожалуйста, докажите, что вы человек, выбрав звезда.

    Our location

    If you are interested in a vacancy as a welder in Troyeshchyna, we are waiting for you!

    We have a friendly and cheerful team.

    For inexperienced welders, there will be an opportunity to gain good experience in body welding. Well, if you are an experienced welder, there will be a great opportunity for you to earn money.

    We are located not far from the Troeshina clothing market, turn to the Lesnoye cemetery from the Epicenter.

    Work as a welder in Troyeshchyna is located near the road. Right behind the fence with the sign «Final 13».

    Drive on a low sidewalk directly from the road.

    Work as a welder Troeshchina 5

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    Our address

    Kiev, Desnyansky district, Krainaya st. 13.

    Schedule :

    From 9:00 to 20:00 (no days off).

    Call us:

    +38(067) 9442510 +38(063)8628236

    Ask us a question