Change of oil

Humble workshop on the Left Bank of Kyiv

High-quality oil change in Troieschina

“Oil change in Troyeshchyna” — the service we offer is truly a great deal!

We perform oil changes in engines (motors). In addition, we can replace other types of automotive oils and fluids. We’ll tell you which oil to choose. We have low prices for car oil changes. In addition to changing car oil, our workshop provides other services, which you can find on the main page .

Oil changes, which are carried out by our craftsmen in Troeshchina, are in demand, especially in Troeshchina, since we have already established ourselves well. Troyeshchinsky car enthusiasts know about our workshop firsthand.

Our workshop is one of the few in Troyeshchyna capable of performing a high-quality oil change in a car!

Замена масла на Троещине

Get a FREE consultation from a mechanic with 20 years of experience right now

*Call the car mechanic directly +380936682532 and get professional advice for FREE !

Замена технических жидкостей

Replacing other fluids

Our workshop can carry out other types of work related to replacing car fluids, filters , etc. Our auto repair shop offers a wide range of services.

Just please write to us what exactly you are interested in, the make of the car and other information you think is necessary. We, in turn, will call you back and let you know how much the service costs. We will also agree on a service time that is convenient for you.


    We are changing car oil not far from the Troeshchina clothing market, turn to the Lesnoye cemetery.

    Note! We are located near the road, right behind the fence with the sign «Extreme 13».

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    Our address

    Kiev, Desnyansky district, Krainaya st. 15.

    Schedule :

    From 9:00 to 20:00 (no days off).

    Get a FREE consultation from a mechanic with 20 years of experience right now

    *Call the car mechanic directly +380936682532 and get professional advice for FREE !

    Come see us for an oil change!

    My hair is already covered with gray, but I have been providing automotive services since I was young. I took the best car mechanics to my workshop! I promise - they will do the oil change professionally!

    Oil change in Troeshchina 2
    Workshop manager

    Professional engine oil change in Troyeshchyna!

    You can rest assured in our abilities, we will do everything with the highest quality and conscientiousness. We've done oil changes on hundreds, if not thousands of vehicles. We are proud to say that we are experts you can rely on. Hundreds of clients trust us throughout the Left Bank of Kyiv.
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    Professionals in their field:

    I can give the perfect curve to a car that has been in an accident so much so that no one will even guess that the car was in an accident. The newness and beauty of the past outlines will return to the broken body. I am able to restore the car to its former vitality.

    Oil change in Troeshchina 3
    Body specialist. Straightener

    When I painted a car for the first time in my life, I was so young that I didn’t even have stubble. Now, my hair is already gray, but I have not changed my favorite craft. Want to find a more experienced painter than me? - I assure you, you won’t find it!

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    Car painter
    Oil change in Troeshchina 5

    We guarantee the quality of the work we perform. We provide guarantees of six months or more, depending on the service

    Oil change in Troeshchina 6

    The pricing policy of our workshop in Troyeshchyna is favorable and moderate. Prices are generally no higher than those of competitors

    Oil change in Troeshchina 7

    We allow you to be present in the work area and observe the repair process. The mechanics at our service station are open and friendly

    Oil change in Troeshchina 8

    The work is completed within the stipulated time frame. If there is a delay due to the fault of employees, we are ready to make compensation

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